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The importance of the glass

The perfect beer experience comes from a correctly handled beer glass.

In order to give your guests the perfect beer experience it's important that the glasses are properly managed. Use beer glasses for beer only. Milk, coffee and juice leave traces in the glass and affect the taste and appearance. If possible, use the original glass provided by the brewery. Glass shape is relevant to the experience and taste of the beer.

Make routines for how to handle and wash glasses.

  • Remember to clean the dishwasher daily.
  • Dispense the correct amount and type of dishwashing detergent according to the supplier.
  • Use beer glasses for beer only.
  • Lift the glass from the bottom, not from where to drink.
  • Never pour beer into a warm glass.
  • When several drinks are ordered at the same time, pour the beer last. Then is fresh when the guest is served.
  • Serve the glass with the logo facing the guest.
  • Beer has an eqully obvious place on the menu as wine.


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