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Brewery International AS is one of the country's leading companies for import of beer. Since the start of 1992 we have established and built some of the world's leading brands in the beverage category on the Norwegian market. The company also holds a significant position in the cider, RTD, soft drinks and energy drinks.

We have spent months and years tasting and sampling through products to find the best to offer the Norwegian people. We have after all these years a product range that we are incredibly proud of. Here you will find products from many countries covering most beer with food combinations and concepts.

Brewery International AS has been established in Sweden since 2005 and in Finland in 2016, and through collaborations with Premium Beer of Denmark we are Scandinavia's leading importer of beer. We are working daily on expanding our assortment of beer and quality products. This makes satisfied customers, enjoying a richer selection of beer from many countries.

Geir Erevik

A “pint” - No thanks!

This term we hope will soon disappear and that we do not have to hear this when we're out at a bar, pub or restaurant to enjoy a beer. For it is just to enjoy a good beer, that is our mission.

We have a broad selection of beer, just because there are so many different varieties. Some are perfect to be enjoyed ice cold with a nice foam top in a stem glass on a hot summer day, others are good as an aperitif, some well-suited to different dishes and some suits to be enjoyed on a cold winter evening instead of a glass of wine. There are beers for every taste.

Fortunately we have seen a keen interest in having a variety of beers at a growing number of pubs and bars lately. Unfortunately, we see that there are still some that only offer 2-3 varieties of beer to their guests. There is only one thing to say - react now and make your business more attractive and increase your sales of beer!

We particularly encourage our friends in the restaurant industry to think about how important beer can be combined with food next time you prepare your menu. There are many guests who prefer more than one type of lager - before, during or after the meal.

The perfect combination

Combining food and the appropriate drink, has long been a subject of concern to many. We can see that the wine has a great advantage where beer is almost forgotten.

Beer is now leading the development and interest in recent years. We see that more people feel the importance of presenting the right combination of beer and food - even in their menus. Here we have Kirin from Japan that is brewed to be the perfect beer for Sushi. To seafood and cooked mussels St. Bernardus beer match excellent. San Miguel, light and easy to drink, yet with a little tart, is perfect for Spanish tapas dishes of both meat and fish. Our Boon products are Lambic beers of the highest quality that we have the pleasure of to offer in three varieties; Geuze, Framboise and Kriek. The beer is bottled in 37.5 oz bottles with Champagne cork, after being stored for 2 years in old oak barrels. Perfect as an aperitif or just as a cold drink rather than a glass of wine.

Grocery - beer selection

We see that some grocery chains have seen the need and importance of offering its customers a broad and exciting range of drinks in the form of different types of beer. Several of these see a marked increase in sales, and it also attracts an audience that is often willing to pay a little more for quality products.

We believe the solution to the best and most successful beverage department is to give more space for different import beers where the prices and sales often are higher. We hope that those who have not yet seen that there are changes going on in the Norwegian’s drinking habits will soon realize this is over a short period of time and will also want to expand its range for its customers.


We are the world leaders when it comes to alcohol taxes, where the government increases taxes by 3-7 % every year. Authorities are looking at Sweden to get ideas about their decisions in terms of taxes and other items, but unfortunately not when it comes to alcohol policy. Sweden has only increased their taxes on alcohol by 3 % the last 6 years. We also know that Systembolaget on the border of Norway is not included in the Swedish consumption, so you can understand how much Norwegians shop there. It is estimated that around 50% of all alcohol consumed in Norway is not purchased from Norwegian businesses, and then you can just wonder a bit whether the taxation has gone too far. It can be said much about whether the Norwegian alcohol policy is right or wrong in terms of limiting consumption, but the discussion we shall leave to others to enter.

Thanks to our customers

We want to thank all our customers that are working with us, to have shown the growth potential of international beer brands. You have also given us the opportunity to become the leading importer of beer in Norway.

We have no plans to slow down and be content with the current selection. The change in the market must be viewed as an ongoing process that never stops, and we will continue to try news that can be introduced on the Norwegian market in the future.

Helge Olsen
Marketing Manager


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