Brewery International Best Beer for the Best Moments

How to serve

Let the guest get what they pay for - serve the beer correctly with a delicate foam from correctly washed glasses.

When the beer is tapped all the wonderful taste elements are released, the head will make it complete. The hight of the head is determined somewhat by the type of beer, but we usually say 1,5 to 2 cm. There are also exceptions depending on the glass used.

In addition to foam looking inviting and delicious, it has a feature that leads to all flavor particles to remain in the beer and not disappear into the glass. Keep the beer glass in an angle at the beginning of the tap and then carefully straighten it towards the end to make a perfect head. The foam holds a lot of hop aroma.

Please use a dripmat in order to prevent condence water from the glass to run onto the table, table cloth or the bar. It makes a proffessional impression. Always serve the guest with the logo on the glass facing the guest.


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