Brewery International Best Beer for the Best Moments
Vectura ID 138337
EPD ID 4324240
Liquor Store ID 7155102
Packaging bottles
Quantity 24

Old Engine Oil

Producer: Harviestoun Brewery


This beer is just the job for anyone who appreciates beautifully engineered stuff that used to be made properly. So undo the top button of your pressed pits overalls, ease into the wingback and roll out a rare taste of a truly great British beer. Old Engine Oil is a remarkably smooth, creamy brew with a beautiful velvety mouthfeel. Enjoy flavours of coffee, slightly buttered toffee, dark chocolate and earthy hops. You may find some mild cherry fruit within the residual sweetness, neatly accompanying the roasted flavours that ride with you all the way to the finish.
Smell: Dark cherries, roasted malt, coffee grounds
Taste: Dark chocolate, Creamy coffee, Burnt toast, Sweet caramel


I over 30 år har Harviestoun Brewery brygget håndlaget øl i bryggeriet i Skottland. Bryggeriet er eid av Donald Macdonald, Sandy Orr og Toby Knowles.

De er svært opptatt av god kvalitet, derfor brygger de ølet sitt selv, i sine egne lokaler. Det var i oktober 1983 ideen om Harviestoun Brewery ble født. Det var da hjemmebrygger og ølelsker Ken Brooker inviterte venner og familie til ølsmaking for første gang. I 1986 overtok Ken Brooker en nedlagt låve, der han startet Harviestoun Brewery.

Detailed Information


Color Dark
Aroma Complex, dark cherry, powerful chocolate and coffee.

Complex, powerful chocolate and coffee, toast, sweet caramel, bittersweet


Packaging bottles
Quantity 24
Volume 33 cl
Alcohol 6,0 %
Bruk av alkohol kan gi ulike skadevirkninger. Mer informasjon; klikk her

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Malt Type Roast barley, oats
Hops Type Galena, East Kent Goldings, Fuggles
IBU 40
Aging Over fermented
Vectura ID 138337
EPD ID 4324240
Liquor Store ID 7155102


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