Brewery International Best Beer for the Best Moments
Vectura ID 135744
EPD ID 4348934
Packaging bottles
Quantity 24

Paulaner Hefe Non Alcoholic


Type: Alcohol free, Wheat Beer
Producer: Paulaner Brewery GmbH & Co. KG


Paulaner Hefe-Weissbier non-alcoholic provide real Weissbier-enjoyment without alcohol. The alcohol is carefully taken away by means of a special process that guarantees a typical Weissbierkultur aroma, a white foam, rich taste and a fine grind character. Paulaner Hefe-Weissbier non-alcoholic are also low in calories, rich in vitamins and refreshing light. This makes it an ideal hverdagsøl and enjoyed in connection with sporting activities.

(Less than 0.5% alcohol, calories: 20 kcal/100 ml)


"Brewed in Munich, enjoyed all over the world!

The Paulaner brewery has stood for the finest Munich art of brewing since 1634 for many years. But Paulaner beer specialties are also well-known and highly-valued outside the beergardens of Munich and the state borders of Germany. Nowadays our beers are enjoyed in more than 70 countries worldwide. It is important to know that each and every Paulaner beer, which is drunk anywhere in the world, was brewed in Munich in full accordance with the strictly applied Bavarian Purity Law. In this way, the Paulaner brewmasters, with their attention to detail and passion, guarantee that our high quality standards are maintained. As a global player between tradition and modernity, Paulaner personifies Munich lifestyle and brings together beer fans and connoisseurs all over the world.

It is important to know that every Paulaner beer, enjoyed anywhere in the world, being brewed in Munich in full compliance with strictly applied Bavarian law of purity of 1516. In this way brewerymasters guarantees that Paulaner maintained the high quality standards  - with its focus on detail and passion.

Detailed Information


Color Golden
Aroma Apples, pears, wheat, sweet malt and caramel.

Fresh, hint of citrus


Packaging bottles
Quantity 24
Volume 33 cl

Goes Well With

  • Aperitif
  • Cheese
  • Vegetables
Allergens: Barley malt, Wheat malt

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Malt Type Light and dark wheat malt, Pilsner malt (light barley malt) and Munich malt (dark barley malt)
Hops Type Herkules, Taurus
Vectura ID 135744
EPD ID 4348934


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