Vectura nr 143871
Emballasje Flasker
Antall 24

Innis & Gunn Rum Finish


Type: Micro/craft øl, Spesialøl
Produsent: Innis & Gunn


Our Rum Finish is a fighter. Its popularity saw it throw off the shackles of Limited Edition status to clinch a place in our Core Range. Matured over oak heartwood infused with specially selected rums, its spicy, full-bodied qualities make it a lively sparring partner for a round or two.



Our beer’s distinctive depth of flavour owes a debt to good fortune. In 2002 a famous whisky distiller approached us for help. They were seeking to season some of their oak casks with the sweet, malty character of a full-flavoured beer. All the previous attempts had failed.

Eager to assist, we created a custom-made recipe and the resulting brew was put to bed in their barrels.


Thirty days on, our beer was thrown out and the whisky went in. During its maturation, the Scotch acquired extra qualities from the beer-infused wood, resulting in a greatly admired dram and many repeats of the successful experiment.

Then, months later and quite unexpectedly, our Master Brewer, Dougal, received an exciting call – this time it wasn’t the whisky getting rave reviews. Some inquisitive souls at the distillery had sampled our beer after its time in casks. We did likewise…and the taste was remarkable. It had been transformed by the oak into an unusually refined brew.

Ever since that heady day we’ve dedicated ourselves to sharing the unique flavours of our oak aged beers with the world, proving that a little luck can go a long way.

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Farge Rusten rødaktig
Duft Mye frukt og mulled krydder

Overraskende lett, hint av frukt og rik på malt med en aromatisk krydderhet som kommer fra rum. En varm og myk avslutning.


Emballasje Flasker
Antall 24
Volum 33 cl
Alkohol 6,8 %

Passer til

  • Fugl
  • Ost
  • Vilt

Meats, like venison or duck, or mature cheese and a good-quality chutney.

Allergener: Byggmalt, Hvetemalt
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Malt type Innis & Gunn Ale Malt, Crystal Malt, Roasted Barley, Chocolate Malt
Humle type Super Styrian
Vectura nr 143871

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